WiDS Sarajevo @ University of Sarajevo was created as an attempt to generate positive energy, to increase communication and discussion about modern trends in the world of technology.

We strive to inspire, educate and support women in the field of data science - whether as practitioners in industry or researchers and educators in academia - helping them to gain exposure for their work, increase networking connections, and energizing them to continue to pursue opportunities related to data science and AI.

This is the first year that we are organizing the WiDS event at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (ETF) and we hope this event will become a tradition in years to come.

Although the number of women in science and technology is at an enviable level in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially among students, the creation of a new platform for the exchange of ideas can not, by no means, be excessive. This is evidenced by the interest in this event, not only at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo but also much wider.

We can not do this by ourselves, so if you would like to support us, please visit the Support us page.

Women in Data Science (WiDS) aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and to support women in the field.


The Faculty of Electrical Engineering is the main organizer of the event on behalf of the University of Sarajevo. The University of Sarajevo is a leading Higher Education Institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the largest and oldest University in the country, as well as the oldest institution of tertiary learning in the former Yugoslavia. Its initial origins can be traced back to 1537.

ETF was founded in 1961 and is a member of the University of Sarajevo. ETF has recruited personnel from various fields of electrical engineering and computer science: in the fields of automation and electronics, power engineering, computer science and informatics, and telecommunications.

ETF is publicly recognized as a generator of a high-quality workforce, high-quality education, and extraordinary knowledge. The Faculty always strived to encourage success and to modernize research processes with a special focus on achieving exceptional results.

The team responsible for ongoing activities include Amila Akagic (WiDS Ambassador), Amra Delic, Mediha Zukic and Selma Grebovic.